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How do we boost your business?

Our technical knowledge combined with the vast experience of our team has made it possible for All Solutions to provide remote and onsite IT support service. We are able to support different operating systems from Linux , Windows server 2003 , Windows server 2008, Windows server 2008 R2, Windows virtual server.
We take pride in responding quickly and adequately to all sorts of faults that may occur as well as taking care of everything beforehand that may lead to a problem.

Briefly speaking we will take care of your Server management , and Server security along with Server monitoring . As mentioned earlier taking all the measures against an eventual problem is crucial for us, thus we will install an appropriate UPS system that will ensure no data loss or OS corruption, even a sudden mains power loss. Through this system your office based server is fully protected!

Businesses all over the United Kingdom count on us to deliver and sustain a proper IT support for them. Always performing properly and satisfying our customers with the highest quality of service is more than our goal, it is our responsibility!

Choose us and forget about troubles, we will take care of everything! 

  • Supporting your systems
  • Protecting your systems
  • Updating your systems

Office infrastructure in Bournemouth and Dorset
Lan and wifi office infrastructure – computer workstation networks and centralised data sharing.
Linux and Windows Server setups and maintenance.

IT Support and repairs in Bournemouth and Dorset
Windows workstation repairs and support
Apple workstation repairs and support
Phone repairs and setup.
Tablet repairs and setup.

VOIP Phone systems setup and support in Bournemouth and Dorset
Free yourself from the burden of the traditional PBX systems and step into the future of VOIP.
Full freedom unrestricted by physical location at a fraction of the legacy PBX setups.

Business Marketing in Bournemouth and Dorset
These days the best practice to stand out is by presenting your business via the world wide web. We will build a professional website for you to attract potential customers

Backups and Disaster Recovery in Bournemouth and Dorset
90% of business companies don’t have any backup solution.
Each computer system fails and if you are not prepared, this will have great impact on your business.
As an IT company it is very important to us that all our business clients have a 100% backup and recovery solution.

Business Security in Bournemouth and Dorset
Physically securing your premises using CCTV and GSM alarm systems prevents most
crime before it happens. Having CCTV and alarm will significantly reduce your business
insurance and in case of an accident will give very important evidences for the police.

Another aspect of securing your business is using using an adequate security software
to protect your data in cases of theft and preventing virus infections from the internet.

You can have your very own IT department on call without the need for dedicated staff!
No more lengthy phone calls or call transfers to different departments!

All that on reasonable prices! 

As a leading IT centre we know what is in your best interest and we know which is the most cost effective and reliable solution for your server configuration and maintenance. We are well aware of all the hardware or software upgrades your server may require. We take full responsibility for the choices we make and the following consequences! In case something goes wrong, do not panic! We offer fast response to any accident and quick resolution through a remote assistance over the internet.

Pay As You Go IT Support or monthly contracts available

Pay As You Go IT Support Dorset
Onsite support for any location of up to 20 miles from Bournemouth – callout charge £120 (covers 2h)
Remote support – £50 per hour

IT Support Monthly subscription plans – 6 months contract

  • 5 hours IT support for up to 5 computers or servers
    Standard subscription – £220 per month
    Priority subscription – £440 per month
  • 10 hours IT support for up to 10 computers or servers
    Standard subscription – £450 per month
    Priority subscription – £900 per month
  • 15 hours IT support covering up to 15 computers or servers
    Standard subscription – £690 per month
    Priority subscription – £1380 per month
  • 30 hours IT support for up to 30 computers or servers
    Standard subscription – £1250 per month –
    Priority subscription – £2500 per month

* Standard subscription – 99% of all software incidents are handled within 6-12 hours (Mon -Fri :10am – 6pm)
* Priority subscription- 99% of all incidents are handled within 1-2h (7 days a week : 10am – 22pm)

All packages include:

Instant contact vie phone/email/chat
Monthly Time Report to show how support hours have been used
Customer portal to monitor helpdesk and services
Discount on additional services, including training and project work
Remote connection support
Onsite support
Telephone & Email Helpdesk Support
System upgrades and maintenance advise and planning

Windows , Linux – Server Monitoring Monthly subscriptions (24×7) – 6 months contract

£99 per month – Standard monitoring – Backups and HDD monitoring
£199 per month – Advanced monitoring – Backups and HDD monitoring, Server Performance Check, Hardware Diagnostics, Server Roles and Features monitoring

All you need is one phone call and you are in safe hands – 01202 935 047

Our extensive knowledge and experience within all areas of the computing industry allows us to provide you with the IT support your business deserves.

To keep you fully informed with all the day to day activities we perform for each of the packages, a description is following: 


Check event log of every server, fix/try to fix as needed.
Creating new directories, shares, and security groups, new accounts, disabling/deleting old accounts, managing account policies.
Make sure backup runs and verify the files.
Check for free space on all servers, for file pollution and quotas.
Ensure that all server services are running.
Ensure that anti-virus definitions are up-to-date.
Keep Service Pack and Hot fixes current.
Check Print Queues.
Keep a log of everything you have fixed or performed maintenance on.
Permissions and files system management where appropriate.


Backups – ensure that backups are being performed nightly and verify their successful completion. The top 10 rules of system administration on any operating system are:backups


Clean Servers, check for .tmp files, jetdb files, etc.
Implement any new policy, permission, logon script, or scheduled server modification.
Reboot Servers if needed.
Keep up-to-date on IT news regarding networks and security.
Evaluate software for System Admin purposes.
Performance Monitoring/Capacity Planning- Budgeting for the future.
Uptime/Downtime reports.
Audit network for unauthorized changes.


Change Service Account Passwords, this could be done quarterly.
Extended testing backups with restores.
Maintaining applicable Service Level Agreements.
Managing off-site storage of backup tapes, whether you take them home or a service picks them up.
Periodically reviewing all of the above, is documentation up to date?
Has the Disaster Recovery Plan been updated to reflect changes in the environment?
Periodically reviewing workload.
Periodically review company technical environment. How can it be improved?
Run defrag and chkdsk on all drives. Review audit policies, audit user rights and privileged local and global groups.

Initial or Occasionally: 

Test disaster recovery process to an alternate site, in case of emergency.
Test the backup restore procedure.
Get a performance baseline for things like %Processor Time, Page filing, Disk Queues.

TIP : Most HDD last 5-7 years depending on the usage so make sure you have a reliable backup system.
As part of our service we will setup regular backup system to avoid long downtimes in case of HDD failures!

Contact us now and you will get your immediate remote and onsite support!