Home and Office Networking
We provide installation of wired, wireless and hybrid Networks



If you are thinking of buying another computer, or maybe you already have more than one computer. Why not network them together. Once networked you will be able to choose what information each computer can access from one another. Share Internet connection, printers and much more. You may have young children that have access to the Internet. With our recommended software this can prove an ideal way of monitoring their browsing, to ensure that when they browse the internet they do so safely. Whether your preference is wireless or cable, we will make sure the cost is minimal and have your network up and running in no time.



We offer a thorough consultation with all our network customers which enables us to provide the best network infrastructure possible for your business.

Hardwired networks (meaning terminal points fixed to the walls) are still the fastest and most reliable method of networking. On average such networks are 10x faster than wireless technology and far more secure. We understand, however, that you may require wireless access in your office, and that’s why we recommend a hybrid infrastructure which benefits the convenience of a wireless access point with the speed and reliability of a hardwired network.