Broadband Installation
Fast, secure wired and WiFi installation

We can have you broadband up and running within an hour. We ensure you have a stable, solid connection. We also ensure you have a fully working up to date Internet Security Suite running on your systems to ensure safe surfing all the time.

We offer honest and reliable advice on internet service providers. Whether you are on a phone line connection or broadband service. If you are experiencing difficulties or coming to the end of your yearly contract, we can match your needs to a service which will be more suited for you.

If you are finding that your internet speed is slowing down, we can show you ways of cleaning up files that are left on your computer each time you surf the net. These files are stored in folders on your computer that you proberbly dont know exist. Certain files that do get stored can use your bandwidth each time you connect to the net causing slower performance.

If you would like to check which broadband services are in your area and compare prices and contracts then see below. You can view all the services available to you. Just simply enter in your post code or your landline telephone number and search: