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Secure cloud online storage technology that will revolutionise the way you access your files, photos, music, videos and other digital content. Our vision is simple: don’t just store data on your PC, store data on your Open Access too. Open Access is your personal online storage space on the Internet. It’s unlimited, it’s secure and it’s there forever.

We safeguard all your data. Access your online storage drive from any computer or device anywhere in the world.

Open Access also provide a bespoke business package for any business, small or large. As a member of Open Access Business Platform you instantly provide backup, remote access, cloud storage and online collaboration to your employees instantly.

UK based
Computer Company

We have supported and continue to support customers in the United Kingdom,  America, Europe and Asia. Whether you are looking for a safe secure online back up or a robust online collaboration service for your business. We have it covered.

A Fast
Professional Service

We aim to offer a same day service response time. 90% of questions are responded to within 24 hours. In the unlikely event we do not respond within this time you can relax in knowing that we are dealing with your request behind the scenes.

Friendly Service
& Support

All of our clients stay with us. We build a trusting relationship with all of our customers maintaining a high quality of service. Our support is fast, professional and punctual. We are very happy to know that 80% of new customers are from recommendations.

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