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Icy Box Keysonic (KSM-3020M-W) Waterproof Silicone Mouse, IP68, Dust Proof, Buttons for Scrolling, White

£13.52 Exc VAT



  • Connection: USB
  • Wireless/Wired: Wired
  • Buttons: Left and Right
    3 Buttons for Scrolling
  • Colour: White
  • Size: Full-size
  • #Hide#LED Lighting: No
  • Cable: 1.8 m USB 2.0 Type-A cable
  • LED Lighting:
  • Ambidextrous: Yes
  • Additional Features: See Overview
  • Weight/Dimensions: 0.160 kg
    115 x 65 x 40 mm
  • Package Type: Retail
  • Package Weight: 0.2000 kg
  • Warranty: 2 Years
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Waterproof Silicone Mouse

It's time to ditch those frustrating, dirty, and germ-ridden mouses. The KSM-3020M-W is a revolutionary mouse that is completely protected from all the nasties that come with using a mouse. It's time to get clean and stay clean!
  • Material: Silicone
  • Case: Silicone coating
  • Power: USB powered
  • Max. degree of protection: IP68
  • Operation Temp: -20 °C bis +70°C
  • Storage Temp: -25 °C up to +80°C
  • Rel. humidity: 100 %


Separate Buttons For Scrolling
With the KSM-3020M-W, you can stop worrying about the dirt and liquid that usually seeps into your mouse. The design is made to be easy to clean and comes with 4 buttons to replace the wheel. The ergonomic design will make your life a lot easier.

Silicone Coating

You'll never have to worry about your mouse getting wet or dirty again with this water and dust resistant mouse. It's perfect for those who work in harsh environments or just want to keep their desk clean.


IP68 Waterproof And Dustproof
Do you need a mouse that can withstand the toughest conditions? The KSM-3020M-W is the mouse for you. This mouse has been tested to work even in strong jets of water, so it's sure to be able to do its job no matter what.


Additional information

Weight0.2000 kg